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Q & A

Q1: What separates us from our competitors?

Q2 : What exactly is our "Blueprint" strategy?

Q3 : How do you help the local community?

Q4 : Do you charge extra to run a social media campaign?

(facebook, instagram, twitter)




What makes us


The Blueprint

A1 :

We beat all of our competitors by giving high volume content with our EXCLUSIVE all-in-one package deal, Giving industry opportunity at an inexpensive cost. 

Thus elevating your online presence and enhancing social interaction with consumers. 



A2 : Imagine a blueprint that takes your entire social media marketing campaign to the next level.

We are a strategic and creative resource, that guides interactive content to have the strongest media performance possible for advertisers. We can help with marketing, brand identity, and clear messages.

We believe throughly in creating meaningful connections with consumers. This is a collaborative process, showcasing approachable and clear identity through our ongoing "test and learn" process.


We offer a single-payment package deal that's as

cost efficient as buying the new iPhone. 


To learn more about our marketing plan, 

Click the button below.

A3 : We produce shareable content, forge trusted partnerships with local community businesses, and engage bigger audiences from collecting data along the way.


By hiring us, your company helps give jobs to local models or "creative influencers" in our community. We ONLY hire creators in Las Vegas.

You help give young artist and creators a platform to help kickstart their careers.

10% of all our profits goes to

The Route 91 Strong Organization


A non-profit, non-partisan, non-political, organization created by survivors to help other survivors with "Financial Support."

A4 : There is no additional fee for us to handle your social media campaign. It depends on your budget or industry. The budget amount you decide to spend will go directly and strictly to your facebook/instagram/twitter channel. We do not have any control of your social media channels, Companies will have complete control of the live social interaction.


Helping our Community


Additional Fees

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