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TDC #2 - The 3 Year Rule

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

" life finds a way "

a weekly filmmaker blog



The Director's Coffee


Hey Guys!

It is never too early or even too late to have a cup of coffee.

- Especially when you're in the film industry.

This blog is later than I would ideally hope for, but that is because life never stops, even when you're busy making other plans. Life will always find a way - to make you see, you really have to try to make time for things you want to do. This past weekend we got back from big bear, california late last night - my first time there and so was my girlfriends. Her job took everyone on a company weekend out to get drunk and party in the woods then at the lake then again back at the woods.

So I apologize to you, imaginary person in my head that was waiting for this.

Since I created the website, all that's been on my mind lately is how can I improve it? What can I do to make this the best website for Films, Film Blogging, Personal Vlogs, & Aspiration.

Looking for the definition of what this website is, what it stands for,

A search of who I am, and finding out what I stand for?

After watching a few more how-to videos, I found out my most important lesson of this week from the podcast show "The Ground Up Show" w/ Matt D'Avella where in EP. 45 he was speaking to Caroline Lee where she brilliantly brought up her 3 year rule.

& I'm sure you're like

"OMG jawsh another self help post with film tip references?"

Yes. Yes it is, imaginary person in my head.


Don't start something unless you see yourself doing it 3 years from now.

According to Carolines experience, you need these 3 years to go from your own zeitgeist phase to finding your inner channels melody, which includes going through trials of step by step molding for this craft to hopefully in the future have loyal followers and supporters.

I found this as almost a declutter of finding out what goals I'm truly determined to make or

And what goals were just a high idea after watching someone else do it.

Simply, if you don't see yourself doing this 3 years from now - As Carline said

"No way you can start something from zero and survive, & paying the bills, & not burning out.

Not a chance."

By following the 3 year rule, this will help make sure of your own self accountability and the practice of being stable instead of jumping in, out, and around of your daily goals when life finds a way - to procrastinate or have you quit. Basically the answer is, Finding the best solution you can, to achieve the best version you want. This mainly requires patience, which in my opinion is the hardest power to master and conquer.

The average framework of expectations is usually seeing only 3 to 6 months ahead this picture of future you. You know what I'm talking about, the "You" you've imagined of being since you were little, where you are at your mental/physical/spiritual PEAK.. Seeing yourself smile in public and actually look happy. Thinking foolishly that you can become this "God" version of you in the matter of weeks. People are usually consistent with being inconsistent, meaning if you quitted once, that means you’re going to want to quit again.. Eventually.


As Kanye & Cudi's song anthem says "Keep Moving Forward."

Check out the video podcast of that episode if you want to learn more!

Ending Statement.

What you should try is to look at age instead of years.

If I get these 1-2 (Y) things done daily for One year.

Or Just take an hour a day 5 days a week.

I will still only be only (X) years old.

Don’t worry about 6 month away you, think about how you will still be only (X amount of years old) when you accomplish it. Have the confidence to appreciate the fact your short term goals are just as important as your long term goals, even vise-versa.

Funny enough, In the end you will be surprised that your short term goals will end up becoming long term goals.


This weeks picks are dedicated to Mac Miller after his heartbreaking & way too recent passing.

I decided not to choose the best 5 songs because he had way too many poetic, dark, funny, deep lyrical hits. So here is one of the last live performances he gave. You also get to see some real laughter from him. Something we will all miss the most, I know I will.

RIP Mac Miller -


I realized originally my plan to consistently make weekly content may seem a little ambiguous, dubious, or just plain ambitious. That’s something we have always been told, as if ambition is a positive goal we should avoid. Especially after having the wake up call that life will get in the way of your plans at times, I decided instead of having a vlog/blog EVERY monday. I'm going to have only a BLOG every monday & a vlog will be weekly. So no matter what every week, there will be at least one new blog and new vlog.

Anyways New Vlog should be out soon!

Thanks for reading,

Let's get coffee next week, same place, same time?



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