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TDC #3 -Reality minus Expectations

Updated: Sep 19, 2018


The Director's Coffee

A Weekly Film-Maker Blog


Hey Guys!

This week's subject is about finding a healthy balance with our love / hate relationship of self expectations. If you're a filmmaker, most likely your expectations of yourself on set would be trying to get all the shots you've had implanted in your mind since the conception of this script.

Your expectation of yourself might be, You don't want to end up making a bad film.

Or you see this winning and getting accepted to all your dream film festivals.

(Tiff, Cannes, Venice, Sundance, etc. etc.)

Is it possible to not give up on dreams while at the same time giving up on this high bar of expectations you've set for yourself? How much of your dreams are expectation and the other way around? Is there a difference or are they different levels of the same thing you are trying to achieve?

The best part of filmmaking is that your film is your baby. You might have all these plans for your baby, all these ideas of what your baby can grow up to be. But in the end of the day, your baby will become whatever they end up becoming.

My advice is to not have expectations of the outcome of your films, because usually it ends up even better than you expected.

Enjoy the ride, we are making movies not rocket science. Film is a lot like college in my personal opinion. (You won't be able to tell the difference at first with the anxiety, panic attacks, deadlines, sleep deprived eyes, coffee breath & empty pockets since you spent every penny you had for this opportunity of risk)

When you are growing up, you start to see that there is something that isn't right anymore. Whether it was some immature cursing or exponential misdirection, maybe even something you use to love, you now find annoying.

I like to think,

I'm a filmmaker, pop culture dork, philosophical writer, & full time podcast listener. This week when I finally sat down to chill and listen to JRE Podcast #1169 where Joe Rogan has a late night interview w/ Elon Musk & He gets Elon to take a single puff of a joint with tobacco and weed.

They talked about the negative side effects of being on social media too long,

why are people so depressed from logging onto a site where people post pictures of them having a wonderful time when chances are, they aren't as happy as they seem.

Joe Rogan says a quote by President Theodore Roosevelt

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Elon Replies "Happiness is Reality MINUS Expectations"

To Watch The Podcast Episode

Click the link below!

I started to wonder if that's what's wrong. Is it possible if that was the issue all along? Did Stoned Elon Musk finally give me an answer I was looking for? Maybe. Maybe I'm stressed over my self loathing expectations, Maybe my expectations on life are my demons.

Just take a moment to imagine not having expectations of yourself.

Don't think about what's down the road for today or next year.

Just for a moment,

Breathe In, Breathe Out.

It's nice to take a moment to stop looking in the mirror envisioning a better you for too long.

Enjoy seeing the reflection of the present you. The you of today.

It feels good in the end..

Otherwise what are we other than a cynical asshole,

who wants to help change the world with their story..

We all have a path where on the way we become some overthinking, analytical, insecure, and overcompensated creator. With high hopes of using this medium as methodical approach to becoming part of the elite or just acting like we could be that great if we wanted to.

So turn off your expectations,

Turn on the reality of your surroundings,

& stop fantasizing instead of doing.

You have a movie to shoot. It's called your life.

This weeks song from the TDC Lounge


Bas (feat. J.Cole)

Have a great life this week guys.

Go day by day.



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